(updated January 8, 2018)

Saying Goodbye…

By now I’m sure everyone has heard about the passing of NACSW Co-Founder Ron Gaunt. I had the pleasure of beginning my nosework adventures with Ron in 2007. He was a mentor, a friend and the real Dog Whisperer in my mind. So much knowledge and generosity to share. The news is fresh and still stings. We will miss Ron but his legacy of listening and learning from our canine partners will live forever in our hearts. Trust your dog!


I have two K9NW competition dogs already so I’m in no hurry with Story. But at 5-1/2 yrs, I figured why not get the ORT’s out of the way? Story got her Birch/Anise last June and now got her Clove ORT. Story has French Ring and Agility to play in already and until Emmy retires she’ll just have to wait for doggie dollars to go to K9NW class. 🙂

~ 2017 ~

Last year was good to us in many ways. New puppies “Cartoon” & “Tricks” arrived early in the year. Twice the trouble and twice the fun! I don’t recommend two puppies at once but it was what it was and I’m looking forward to adventures with both of them. Zen finished 4th place overall at the NACSW National Invitational in Massachusetts! Big trip for us coming from the west coast and we had a blast! And at the end of the year, Emmy at 13-1/2 earned her ELT2 title. It’s an emotional roller-coaster with an older dog and as many of you know Emmy was there from the beginning. I even wrote a blog about it: “Old Dogs Rule”


~ Other Stuff ~

My goal for online education in 2018 is to focus on more of the skill building courses in a 3-week format. I hope that allows more people to participate. I’m also working with NACSW to bring some Continuing Education online opportunities sometime in the first quarter of 2018. And I’m looking at an “Intro to K9NW” course this year with carefully crafted exercises for the new student following the protocols I would do in person.