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      Terry Wright and Kai

        Ground Work Surfaces – 2 hides

        The front yard on grass, sunny with dapple shade.
        Started about 10′ from first hide which was at the side of the house in the dirt area with some rocks, next to a mock orange shrub, left of Taku. He found it in .13 sec. From the start line he was veering to the left towards the house and walked down the dirt area next to house, he walked over it put his head between the house the the shrub, backed up to the hide about a half foot back. I treated heavily at the source.

        At the .39 sec. mark I swish my arm to have him continue searching across the yard towards the swing set. Walks past the hide which is on the ground next to left leg of the steps of the stairs on the swing set. He walked bout 5′ away and I swish my arm to get him back towards the swing set. He caught the odor at 1:18 as he was walking past that leg of the steps and did a head snap.

        I think he did a great job 🙂

        I have another Exterior Surfaces, but I think I’m running out of time to post it. Just got back from 3 days to Soldotna and leaving tomorrow for Denali Park for several days. If I run out of time I will use it in Movie Week 🙂

        Terry Wright

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        Kimberly Buchanan

          I’m thrilled that I had the ability to see this in the Movie Week review! 🙂

          Kimberly Buchanan
          Joyride K9 Dog Training

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