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      Terry Wright and Kai

      5 chairs and on step stool. 1.06 minutes – On lease

      I placed a box at the start line and then in between the chairs on the floor and a box on each chair and one on the lower step of the step stool.

      The box on the floor after the start line was birch, he got it.
      Next two boxes.. blanks
      4th box is birch on chair, he puts his paws on the chair, nose to box, I reward.
      Next two boxes.. blanks
      7th box is anise on floor, nose to box, I reward.
      Next two boxes.. blanks
      10th box is anise, quick smell, checked box 11 on floor and box 12 on chair, went back to #10 passed it, quick turn back to #10, rewarded

      Same setup as above – off leash – .53 seconds

      In this one he passed by #10 box (anise) with a quick check… checked #11 and #12 and went back to #10, I rewarded.

      He was a little quicker this time around…

      We will post the other exercise we did today in a little bit.

      Terry Wright

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      Kimberly Buchanan

      That sounds fantastic, Terry! I think paying Taku for these changes of behavior is wonderful. I bet it makes it really fun for him, too! 🙂

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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