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    “Up, Up and Away!”

    A classic “Inaccessible Hide” is the elevated hide. For small dogs, a lot of hides are above their heads and sometimes they become better at working them than larger dogs simply because of experience. Elevated hide odors will move differently in the environment, depending on air currents. Small dogs may need to go slightly further away from an elevated hide to work it back but all dogs will show similar changes of behavior.

    Create a search in an Interior location that is slightly over your dog’s head if standing tall. We’ll say keep it 4-feet high at a minimum. This hide should have access all the way around it, so not on a wall or tight to a corner.  What we want to see is where your dog notices the elevated hide, how they narrow down a source location and what (if any) communication they give you. If your dog finds the search especially challenging, try lowering your criteria (instead of the hide itself this time) and give them an “A” for effort and reward on that particular search. If your dog narrows it down quickly, give them a chance to display body language cues that will indicate where the hide is. They do not have to give you the typical response you normally expect. Remember, sometimes less is more in the reward process. 🙂

    More or fewer objects in the space (a crowded room can be very difficult for a small dog!)
    Hide on the perimeter of a room –  inside corner, outside corner, flat on the wall
    Hide on a tall object with access on all sides vs. fewer sides
    Get creative!

    Have fun! 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
    Joyride K9 Dog Training

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