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      Linda Bath

        I can’t believe it is the end of the month already!
        A group of us were lucky enough to to visit a new place together.
        Exterior hide was a grouping of iron table with two chairs,a wood pile next to a garbage can, small out door fireplace (moveable kind) and some panels leaning behind the fireplace. The Patio was made up of rock/tile and was surrounded by grass. There was also a dog toy on the edge of the patio. At start line there was a aluminum water tub. Taku was barking in the back ground. Lol. Very hot day.
        One hide in the wood pile located at the top right corner..as if you were looking at a box. We started on the lower left corner.
        Molly was on leash. In watching the video I did a good job of not directing her. Smile.
        Molly walked around the left edge and then turned right moving outwards into the grass. She then came back in from the back side of the wood pile. Molly did a look towards the odor and then turned away, sniffed the air and turned back. She then came around the wood pile…walked over to the left top corner and then back to the wood pile..alerting on the back side of the wood pile. This particular hide must have had a lot of odor traveling around and not settling within the wood pile. The wind may have been blowing it towards the back side of the pile as several dogs alerted there. I felt the search was successful. Lasted 1:26 minutes.

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        Deb (De) Frost

          Baxter and I did this same search – I agree, the light breeze MUST have channeled the scent either through the woodpile or up over it and to the rear of the search area (we’re talking a SMALL woodpile; maybe 18-20″ high/deep and 3′ long with the wood (if I remember correctly) laying horizontally front to back – just a small stack of wood for the fire pit). The hide itself was fully accessible from the front (patio side) more so than the back (grass) side, but quite a few dogs hit on it from the back. Interesting!

          It was a fun search – lots of items for the dogs to search around. I think several of the dogs did as Molly did (and Baxter did also) and got pulled off to the left into the grass first. We figured it was either due to a change in the breeze that might have pushed the odor that direction earlier (the hides had been out for a while), or POSSIBLY the dogs were actually already picking up odor from the Interior hides (2) that were placed inside a small shed building at the top of the grass yard area (about 30′ away). Not sure which – or maybe both.

          Baxter entered the patio search area obviously NOT on odor to begin with, which told me air movement was sending it the other direction, so I allowed him to go where he wanted to seek it out. He swerved off into the grass to the left of the patio, and I allowed him to go to the end of his [12′] line and followed him a bit, but didn’t allow him to continue up the hill, rather encouraging him to work it back down to the patio area. He might well have worked the odor back on his own, but knowing there were hides in the building up the hill, I chose to keep him from going too far that direction. Right or wrong … don’t know. 🙁

          Bax was happy enough to return to searching the patio area, checked out the iron table and chair briefly, went right PAST the hide on the wood pile initially, picked up odor strongly as he circled the back of the wood pile, and then worked back around it, detailing the wood pile to alert on the source.

          Leash handling was interesting in this search – LOTS of things to work the leash around without it getting tangled up! <L>

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          Linda Bath

            Deb you always have the best discriptions! It was a fun day for sure.

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            Kimberly Buchanan

              I hope you all videotaped yourselves! 🙂

              Kimberly Buchanan
              Joyride K9 Dog Training

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