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      Terry Wright and Kai

        Just read and watched your last movie of the week video.
        I know what you mean… you set up a search area and have it all worked out in your mind on how it will go…
        And it never goes that way 🙁 Guess we just have to be on our toes and ready for anything that comes our way, huh?

        Terry Wright

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        Julia Back

          Agreed! Thanks for the laugh, Gina… that odor box flying towards Kalli like she was an odor magnet, oh my! She was a trooper about the whole thing, though, for sure.

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          Gina Baker

            So true, we definitely always need to be on our toes and ready for anything! I had to post this one- I am glad you guys got a kick out of it – I did! How prefect was that landing! LOVE the odor magnet line!

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            Kimberly Buchanan

              It was almost like a movie where they put things in reverse motion to make it looks like things snap back in place! 🙂

              Kimberly Buchanan
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