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      Terry Wright and Kai

        off leash – two hides, birch and anise – same setup, irregular square, not sure why I didn’t change the arrangement – 1.50
        Taku goes in, goes to left, looks at the make-up kind of bag in the first chair. Blows by the suitcase which has the anise box on top of it, the suitcase standing tall. Also goes by the step stool with a plastic pitcher cuts thru the middle to go over to the right side, check out something on the floor (probably a pebble), check the box to his right, turns around and checks out the odor (birch) in the chair in a 4 x 8″ tin box, reward. He stays there so I go back and reward at the tin box again. I wave him off to continue searching. He continues up the right side, a quick check o the box on the clothes basket, checks the box on the floor, checks the chair with a plastic purse on it (this is one of the chairs that are back to back), turn around and goes back down the right side, goes to the end where the box is on the floor closest to the chair with the birch tin box, where is paws the box once. Passes the chair with the birch over to the other box on the floor, turns around and goes back to the birch, reward. I wave my arm for him to continue searching, checked the plastic pitcher on the step stool, turns around checks the box on the floor then back to the birch hide, reward. I again wave him away to continue searching he goes slightly to the left to check box on the floor. Long story short… he makes another circle around to the right checking things along the way and finally gets to the suitcase with the box of anise that is on the left towards the start.

        Same layout as above on leash – .46 sec.
        Come in from the left. He checks out the make-up bag on the chair to the left. He then cuts over to the left between the back to back chairs and the wall to pass a box on the floor. Cuts across to the right side to box on floor, turns around and checks out the birch tin box on the check, reward. Walks to the right pass the box on the floor and the step stool to the suitcase with the anise box on the top of it, reward.

        I stood in the middle of the room basically. I think my thought process was to see what Taku would do on his own being on leash, but now in hindsight, I should have had a plan on how to proceed, like take him down the left side, across the back and back up the right side. Geesh, so easy when you are finished… LOL.

        Suggestions, ideas… should I redo any of these exercises??
        Maybe I should redo at least one of the on leash exercises in this lesson where I have a plan!!

        Terry Wright

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        Kimberly Buchanan

          I think you answered your own question! Re do things with a plan and then again and again until it feels comfortable and Taku is working well. He was dedicated to odor, but just the first odor in the first search. Instead of waving him away did you move yourself? Body pressure – push and pull – can influence the dog a lot, sometimes more than we want. But it’s something you can use. 🙂

          Kimberly Buchanan
          Joyride K9 Dog Training

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