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Terry Wright and Kai

Here is our 3rd video submission for January, again with 3 videos combined since they turned out to be around 1 minute each.

3 odors in each search, birch, anise and a combo (birch, anise, clove).
Off leash (Deb 😉 and he was quick to lead the way. It seemed to Jim and I that he basically knew where the odor was and would skip checking out some of the objects and went straight to the odor.

The first video, the search area was on the left side. He got the threshold hide. If he happened to walk by a hide, he did turn around and go back to it.

Second video, moved the objects so there were on each side, left and right.
He got the threshold hide!
@ 1:26, I love how he stayed at the odor until he got paid!
1:35 another nice body snap. He missed one of the hides so we walk back towards it and he finds it.

Third video, again moved the objects around. He once again nails the threshold hide.
At 2:37 he caught odor and looks at me. *IF* I had called alert when he *looked* at me, I would only been able to say that it was under the chair, not sure that would have gotten us a *yes*. By waiting him out he does work it out, even tapping it with his foot.

2:53 went back down the hallway because he missed a hide.
Not sure why but the odor seems to have spread over to the blanket on the bench. Maybe from walking by it, it caused a breeze pushing the odor to the blanket.

I thought on the most part Taku did very good time wise considering we had 3 odors to find.

I love how he was brave enough to go a head of me and work 🙂

I am starting to wonder… does Taku need a trained response … or ???

Will try and get one more video submitted before the end of the month.

Terry Wright