Janel Hendricks

    I was not sure if she went to the corner with the shed initially due to odor or to check for cats/critters before getting to work.

    Yes on the search 3 I did call her. I kept thinking she was going to hit that hide then she would move off. When I called her back she went somewhat directly to the hide.

    This is pretty typical Ping search. Full speed ahead. If she is on leash she is slightly slower due to pulling me around(literally) so she puts out equal effort trying to get me to keep up by dragging me. I do a lot of running when we are attached by a leash. However, that said, I think when she is on leash I slow her down enough that she maybe considers odors she would otherwise run by on the way to somewhere else. I like to work her off leash when possible, we don’t do a lot of exterior work off leash due to safety, but it is easier for me to let her go and just run out and reward her. (my lazy is showing 🙂 ) She is quite happy working either way.

    Watching her work when she is moving fast, she is steps past the hide by the time it registers and if another one is available I think sometimes it is easier to go with momentum.

    She is always very excited to go to work and is often barking on the way to the search area. The barking is something she actually started doing only in the last year or so. but then with the barking and getting excited she is often panting by the time we get to the search area. The barking is a happy excited bark, if it can be described that way, she is not really barking at a particular thing, so I do not really discourage it. I will try to have her do different tricks, or just lay down, but it is not a relaxed down.