Sue Davis

This is 5 interior hides. I estimated just over 3 minutes & it was just under. This video shows what I was referring to as walking hides. She does it twice. The first time was the threshold under the seat of the chair. The second time was in a brass spittoon to the right of the white chair (near the first found hide under the lip of the table). I don’t know why I left her leashed! Not totally unhappy that I did since in trials I may need to do that. Passing the threshold is typical & I know I always have to go back to thresholds. But that uses time I don’t have.

At 1:40 she wants additional rewards. I think this is a result of the jackpotting we’ve been doing lately to try to get her to NOT walk hides. I also had my hand in the treat pouch but that hasn’t been a problem in the past. I don’t like what I’m seeing at this hide. What do you think? How do you approach walking hides?