Janel Hendricks

    I usually do follow Ping, she picks the direction, and if she is not I will until she takes over. If she is working a hide I will move her on if she is not making a decision(after some time). She is normally very quick to get to hides and tell me. So if she is not having much luck being definitive I will move her on but make a note to come back to the area, from another direction maybe if possible. If she is really working it and is not ready to move on she will let me know, by ignoring me.

    I actually got a no at one of my last trials and I knew there was one there from the head snap she did. It was on the back wheel well of a forklift not the front where I called it after her head snap, I did stay there and let her work it and got the yes. That was a speed search 4 hides in 1 minute 30 sec. We got all four plus our no. Got the last hide and called finish with seconds to spare. The speed searches are where we run close to time.