Janel Hendricks

    I have not placed any hides in the house since we started on odor 5 years ago. I debated about doing it for this but did not really have another space and it was cold and windy outside that day so I went for ease and comfort. 🙂

    This is how Ping searches, very enthusiastic. On the second hide she ran into the living room and I was hurrying to follow her and I cut her off as she was coming back to the threshold hide, I think if I had not stepped in so quickly she may have come back to it quicker.

    I am not sure why she stopped and looked back at me on the 4th search. As quickly as she moves it is sometimes hard to tell is she in search mode or just rush around mode.

    I figured with the return to the two hides I figured it was because they were close to the start where the other two were farther in the room so more out of the way so to speak?
    I do have trouble guessing how much time has passed. I have to admit that I figure in a trial I will search until they tell me to stop:).

    I almost always pay her if she returns to a hide, but usually the second time is just one treat, whereas the first time is multiple pieces of treat(in training). In trial if she returns to a hide it is typically due to her having found them all and we are still in the search area or if there is a tougher hide she may return because she starts to get frustrated. At that time I decide if I put her back on leash(in an off leash search) or do I call finish. Normally I will call finish if I feel we covered an area well. Once she gets frustrated it does either of us little good to go around again. I will reward in trial also for a return to a hide but then make one of the above decisions. She expects to get paid and it actually slows us down if I don’t as she will not want to leave the hide. I think paying well keeps her motivated and it works for us.