Kimberly Buchanan

    Sue – I can’t tell you why your video is no longer displaying – you’ve entered it correctly – I will keep trying to fix. In the meantime, I’ve copied it to a new page and reviewied!

    Ok, so as you had emailed me you hadn’t paid Gracie for previously found hides. As you noted, this is her training history, that she isn’t to be repaid for those. One could argue that maybe she needed some reinforcement when she did revisit the 1st and 2nd hides on the last round but that’s your call.

    I wasn’t 100% certain where all the hides were since the videos cut off before she was rewarded for searches 3 & 4, but I think we see:
    1) Base of door to closet (:14 seconds)
    2) Base of rocking chair (:24 seconds)
    3) Corner of your fireplace (:17 seconds? She does visit hide #1 again but no alert)
    4) Somewhere on your kitchen cabinet (1:15, she goes back to alert on hides #1 & #2)

    I haven’t seen Gracie for awhile! 🙂 So here are the things I noticed;

    Your search is a large area with much ground to cover. Even at that Gracie was swift and drove to source. She needed to verify hides 1 & 2 when she was trying to find #4 but didn’t take an inordinate amount of time. Verbal praise seemed to work fine for her to move on. You did need to help her in the direction of hide #4 since she was wandering down the opposite hallway but overall she lead the search and seemed to have no trouble finding all the hides, even when 2 of them looked to be nearly out of reach. She essentially found 4 hides in (2:11) in a large space which is a respectable time.

    As far as baselines, I think this worked well to get a sense of where Gracie is with a simple search. You mention in your opening that she sometimes walks odor. I wonder, is it truly walking odor or is it that she is working out a problem and isn’t ready to solve part of it yet? What sort of hides is she walking?

    I know you don’t have your videographer right now and that’s ok. I think for this part of the exercise we’re good. We’ll move on to the Exterior next. But I do want to explore some of these things with you, so if you would give me some more input on the specifics, if you could, it might be helpful! 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
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