Susanne Howarth

    Here’s a final video for Biscuit. This one is our “SOG” video from the K9ABCGames on 12/4:

    That weekend was our first experience with K9ABCGames, which felt to me more like an agility show-n-go than a trial. I suppose that’s how they are supposed to feel… kinder, gentler, faster. Anyhow, “SOG” stands for “Single Odor Games,” so we knew that there were 4 hides, all of which were birch, one in each “element.” With K9ABCGames, the four elements are all searched together: we had 6 minutes to find the 4 hides. You’ll no doubt get a good laugh at the “vehicle” search — you’ll see us find that one at ~1:45 (and in the thumbnail for the video)! (They define a vehicle as anything with wheels. Right…)

    Biscuit did a nice job overall on this and we got our SOG1 title. Another amusing moment (for me) was the way in the exterior, after jumping off the porch into the grass and working back to the wall, she almost perfectly followed the line of white cones that marked the edge of the search area. I joke on the video with Penny Scott-Fox that Biscuit must have listened to the briefing, because she clearly understood that those cones marked the boundary of the search area!

    What really intrigued me with this search was our last find. After finding three hides outdoors, we moved indoors — since all three elements were present (counting that toy truck…), the fourth hide HAD to be an interior hide. Therefore, in we went at 2:33. My question to Bisky as to whether she remembered the room was because the day before it had been included — as a clear room — in the TOG search (Triple Odor Game) that we did. At 2:45, she starts investigating the bookshelves on the wall, and gives me a pretty solid alert at 2:57 — even including a “sit pretty” to definitively mark it as an alert. However, somehow, I knew not to call the alert at that moment, so I moved a bit sideways (I think you can catch my motion in the reflection on the sliding glass doors), and sure enough, she looked behind herself and changed her alert to the step stool behind her, which proved to be right.

    I’ve been looking forward to receiving this video, hoping that it would shed some light on what I saw that told me NOT to call alert when she sat up at the shelves, but I still don’t know! Any insights?