Hi Sue – good question!

You probably know more than I do about scoring details for NW3 but yes, I believe the actual score is the same whether you leave a single hide behind and DO call finish or don’t call finish because the finish was NOT called correctly. The biggest scoring difference is IF the team did get all hides but failed to call finish. IMO it’s better to risk calling it than not. But if you don’t find a single hide in your Container, Vehicle or Exterior search it’s the same.

Now, for Elite, the Finish calls are NOT scored in the same way, meaning they don’t = a percentage of your score. Instead they are considered the same as a fault; False call, No Finish, dropping food, etc. each have a certain number of points deducted from your overall score. You have a maximum of 100 points for each trial. The number of points PER HIDE is determined only by knowing (at the end of the day) how many total hides there were. Finish calls are not calculated into the mix like at NW3.

False = (-1/2) hide value
No Finish = (-1/2) hide value
Food drop = (-1) POINT

Not sure of the rest since I’ve not had the detailed scoring training yet but that’s the gist and the deductions we’ve received in the past.

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training