Linda Bath

    This is an older video of Molly from either last summer or fall, not sure. I want to show it as I can see some things I was doing wrong at the time and am now trying to fix. I would also like to have you tell me what you see as well. Besides, it is a cool video of one of Molly’s search.
    There are three hides. One is on the ladder. One on the ground between the barrels, and one in the end of a tube. I am not sure which direction the breeze is coming from. As you can see, Molly checks the whole area out. At this time with my experience, I wouldn’t have realized she actually is on odor from the start. She just needed to work out source.
    I can see why she paws…I am very slow on rewarding. Molly does a very nice job on the ladder pinning down the source. She then goes on to alert on the ground hide, and moves around to the tube.
    Can you see anything that is still happening and what I can do to fix it?