Susanne Howarth

    Yes, with hindsight I remembered that she had been very interested back in that corner, but our pace was so slow that I was concerned about covering the entire area. Given the breeze and swirling air, I feared that she might be picking up a hide from up front back in the back (where it turned out the hide was actually). I guess that’s why I put the blame on our pace: had we covered the area a bit more speedily — not fast, just not as slow — we might have had time to get back to that corner.

    Now, just confirm to me that my decision not to worry about timing out (since I had received NO alert whatsoever) was the best course of action: clearly, I didn’t want to guess/false, and since we hadn’t found any hides and there’s no such thing as a clear NW3 exterior search area, there was nothing to lose by allowing her to work up to the end of time. Am I right in my logic?

    Similarly, if we had found a hide, I would have wanted to call finish before time ran out, in hopes that my expectation that there was still something to be found was wrong, and we had found whatever hide(s) were out there. Right?

    And at the Elite level (which is still a long way off!!!), we would want to call Finish before timing out, no matter what. Or am I misunderstanding the scoring on any of this?

    Will post another video in a minute…