Carolyn Murray

    Okay – here is Scout again. I think this was the baseline search for B2B.

    At the start I spend about 12 seconds fumbling with the long line between her collar and harness. I would never hold her at the start for this long, but I am starting to see that there is a lot of value in giving her a couple seconds. She seems to be a bit more on task when I do this. What I like about this search is that she moves in with her usual level of energy, but gets right to work. I don’t have to put the brakes on…she does…and that’s progress!! She does a nice job of bracketing the hide. In this case I waited for the look back at source but certainly could have rewarded her much earlier.

    We still very much have that “tracking” thing going on.

    I did a good job of staying out of her way. The one thing I need to stop doing is that whole body shift of weight forward where I am anticipating her hitting the hide. It’s a huge physical cue for Scout (I know this because I’ve played around with it).

    Otherwise I was pretty happy with this exercise. Quick and successful!!