Kimberly Buchanan

This is a hard search to understand what is happening. I’m glad for both views, I think the second one gives a better view but you can still see stuff in the first. The biggest thing that stands out for me – and I would like to hear your thoughts about this – is that you stay back from Blackie. This is NOT a bad thing overall EXCEPT when it appears she wants to go in a different direction. You are outwardly very very supportive! But take a look at some of the moments you don’t follow her;

(:13)(:26)(:53)(1:03)(1:15) – first view
(1:31)(1:43)(1:51)(1:59)(2:08)(2:19) – second view

Keep in mind, you are GREAT at verbally and emotionally supporting her! But I have to wonder if SOME of those moments might have been better if you’d just followed where she wanted to go?? Nope, not all, but maybe some.

What are your thoughts??

Kimberly Buchanan
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