Kimberly Buchanan

    Good girl Molly! She’s very persistent, I’ll give her that!

    So, at the threshold, see how you move into the room at (:04)? When you do that, you risk pushing the dog off of those threshold hides. I normally recommend waiting a second for the dog to decide they’re going to move further into the space before you do. Fortunately not a problem for Molly as she gets that threshold hide quickly. 🙂

    Molly gets the fan and then notices odor between the dressers (:33). You COULD have paid her for her hesitation there. The odor inside the drawer was collecting in that small niche, as was the threshold hide. Because Molly already got the first one she goes back to it.

    Now, from there we see a lot of Molly moving in the same arc over and over, back to the threshold hide & the fan. NOTE: She FOUND the drawer hide at (1:12) but doesn’t stick it. Instead goes back towards the threshold hide and starts to head out to the hallway. I’m thinking she may have been “clearing her palate” but you said “nope, c’mon” and brought her back into the room. Did that make a difference? Hard to say. BUT, then she goes back to the threshold hide. I would have suggested you stand in front of it, rather than let her keep going back to it. (You kind of do this after that moment.)

    Once Molly goes back towards the fan she catches scent from the crate. You open up and she goes back to the fan. THEN you step in front of the crate hide and she continues to work that section until she gets to the hide next to the side table.

    Again, Molly checks the fan hide but note your position in front of the threshold hide. I think THIS helped her to separate that from the chest of drawers. And no, I don’t think you should have closed the drawer but the close proximity is something Molly needs to work on and you need to figure out how to help her. Standing at a previous hide might be all she needs. I would do lots of 2-hide searches where they are near each other.

    No problem with the large odor bomb! There’s a LOT of odor in the area so I’m not surprised she stepped away from it at first. 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
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