Stefanie Alexander

Bonanza: This exercise used 12 total containers with 3 odors, 3 blanks, and 6 distractors (all of Prim’s favorite things). This is in our basement and the floors are radiant concrete–this has caused confusion in the past with the scent wafting upward. I elect to use the shorter leash rather than the long line as Prim has issues with showing too much exuberance when she isn’t paid quickly enough. My goals are to give her space to work, reward quickly, and avoid box destruction.

Box A: Zuke’s Pork and Apple Link
Box B: Homemade Maple Sourdough Ebelskiver (pancake)
Box C: Caru Real Pork Stew Wet Dog Food
Box D: Diddly Dee, Prim’s favorite singing monkey toy
Box E: Pumpkin Tuscany Sauce
Box F: Penzey’s Apple Pie Spice Blend
Odor Boxes: Duct taped box closest to the start line and 2 smaller Roomba boxes

Prim immediately steps on the duct taped odor box, but does not alert. At around second 24, she appears to be in an odor pool and traces the odor along the armoire (medium high) and the metal art on the wall (high). She then walks past this box, almost avoiding it (?). She does attack both Roomba boxes, pawing enthusiastically. I treat and move her onward. Not surprisingly, she is particularly interested in Box E as well as Box B (just about a false alert which I ignore). Near the end of the video, she returns to the first hide and pushes it with her nose–not her clearest alert ever, but I do reward here as I wanted to end on a positive note.

This was an extremely difficult exercise as we’ve never worked that many favorite distractors at once, but I think overall Prim did well 🙂