Susanne Howarth

    Yup. She has done really well on these simple searches! As I emailed you the other night, I’m excited to post our final video.

    As you know, I’ve had the impression that Biscuit isn’t good at working hides with elevation. Well, this final lesson (final one we’re going to complete during this course) has proven that either I’ve been dead wrong all along, or that all the hides I placed higher than I should have when doing earlier exercises have helped her overcome any weaknesses with these types of hides. All I can say is she rocked this one: 4 successively higher hides in under a minute – including time for me to punch her in the face while delivering the final treat… This poor girly! It’s a wonder she lets me near her!

    OK… Blackie and I are off to work in the score room at the Nevada City NW3 trial today, and then Blackie will get to compete tomorrow. See you all next time around 🙂