Susanne Howarth

OK… I’ve been waiting more than 2 hours for the edits to trim two of my videos to tell me they’re completed. Then, I would ordinarily need to create a merged video of the three searches, which would entail additional waiting. However, nothing seems to be happening on YouTube. Therefore, I’m going to go ahead and post three separate videos for this exercise. IF the first video shows up as being 1:48 in length, know that you can fast forward to about the :40 mark before we come into view. Sorry for having to do it this way!

Happily enough, Biscuit did a really good job of solving all of these problems, in spite of the fact that we did the searches at the Park after our Agility class, with LOTS of distractions – other dogs, squirrels, people, etc. It’s a very familiar environment, so not particularly scary for her, and I was pleased that she wasn’t particularly baffled or concerned by the various barriers I set up.

525.5a part A:

In the first search, there’s a pretty good breeze blowing from left to right, the hide is on the trash can to the left of the barrier, and we approach from the right. Biscuit was in odor well before we got close to the barrier, and I love seeing how she first locates the nearest point on the right side of the barrier, then brackets the trash can, and ultimately elects to go around the barrier at the back of the image. Unfortunately, at that point, we had a bit of crittering and she ranged kind of far from the search – but it is possible that the odor had carried over there, since the breeze was blowing mostly left to right, but a bit front to back in the image. Eventually, she comes around the trash can and pinpoints the hide, which was paired, with ease.

525.5a part B:

The second search has a bit of a maze to get to the hide, which was on the center pedestal of the round table. The wind was in our face as we approached the search, and wagons and fencing and table legs were all in the way, but all of this proved no match for the little B! Again, I paired this hide, and I’m glad I did because there’s no way I could reach in there to reward her!

525.5a part C:

For our final search, I put the hide in the ground next to a big rock, and then surrounded the rock with three fence units. Once again, we started with the wind in our faces – it was blowing more or less right to left this time. Again: classic bracketing on Biscuit’s part, then a decision (for which I could have paid outside the fencing), but I elected to move a section of fence to let her self-reward. As I moved the fence, I thought it was kind of cool that she stayed put – initially – where she had decided she was closest to source. Good girl!