Stefanie Alexander

Thanks, Kim, for your generous comments. We love the chairs, too (there are 2 total, but only 1 in the video). I was bent on having them for the new house due to their shape and color, and when I went to purchase, they were 75% off. Score! 🙂

Can’t Reach That Hide: Maze

In this lesson, Prim definitely makes decisions and views the maze not as a barrier to where she’s going, but rather as “landscape” that she needs to thoroughly search. This is evident as she checks for odor on the stools and two different types of chairs. I’m surprised at the route she chooses as I wasn’t counting on her going around the large house plant. At around second 32, she flips her head as she rotates her body around and she backs up to trace the hide to the source–I definitely know that she is in odor by her body language and zoom in to treat as she communicates that she’s found the hide. Note the wagging nubbins. That’s the sign of success and a great exercise. 🙂