Gina Baker

NW525: Lesson 4.A
We are back……we video tapped this before the weekend – it was tight but I did 5 hides all being anise

1. – corner of cabinet
2. – down from the corner on the cabinet door
3. – on the front of the plant stand
4. – on the bottom of the hutch
5. – on inside leg of the chair on the left

She had no problems going to #1, 2 and 3 but then she did get confused. And when she gets struck or confused, she goes back to hides that she has found. I was able to get her to move on – at 0:49 she had to check out the camera but then caught the 5th hide. Then she proceed to go back to the previous hides – at 1:31 I did use hand motion to get her from under the table and search by the plants and she started to work it but could not pin it down so at 1:54 I did use hand motion again and helped her. She was getting frustrated. This seems to be a hard puzzle for her – converging odor when it is a different height. She seems fine working when they are all at the same level but just that little bit of elevation she seems to struggle. What do you think?

* Note – we had a similar problem at the trail – converging odor, different heights plus inaccessible – we got it just by the skin of our chin. Kalli worked really hard and we only had seconds left when I called it – it was close to be a yes or no. It was not pretty but I felt good that I knew that she knew it was in that area. And she did keep going back to the one that she found.