Susanne Howarth

Having waited more than an hour for this video to load, I can tell you the source of our problems: COMPUTERS!!! Now, with that off my chest, let’s move back to the nose work realm…

This was an interesting search, and an exercise we’ve done several times, including more than once along this same wall. I elected to pair the hides this time, in hopes of providing max motivation to keep searching, and to avoid any treat delivery issues 🙂 Of course, in selecting today’s treats, I forgot that Biscuit has had problems with these treats in the past. Although they aren’t all that gooey – they’re just tiny Fruitables Bison bits, very much like Zukes – when she eats them, she seems to keep chewing for an extra long period of time, as though she had peanut butter stuck on the roof of her mouth! My poor girl! It’s always something…

Anyhow, we had 6 hides – two of each odor – spaced about 6′ apart. Four were on top of the wall, and two were lower on the wall. Naturally, with the stacked stone, there was a lot of channeling.

I found it interesting that after finding the first low hide (which was actually the second hide from the left) quite readily, Biscuit went along the wall and got almost precisely to the location of the second low hide but instead of finding it, at the :29 mark, she jumped up on top of the wall and went looking for the high hides. That second low hide turned out to be the last one she found.

Unfortunately, my camera angle wasn’t aimed properly to include the last hide on the right in the lens AND from about :42 to 1:09 and again from 1:24 to 1:52, she is out of camera range – searching in an indented area opposite the wall. (The breeze – though not strong – was blowing over the wall and therefore probably causing it to travel into that indented area.)

Then, at 2:08, Blackie started barking at something in the house, and I stepped backwards and stumbled over the chaise lounge, scaring poor Biscuit, just as she was finding the first treat on the left!!! AND, I stood precisely in front of the camera so you can’t see her recover and take that treat 🙁

At 2:45, when she goes out of camera range, she finds the far right hide, and then turns back to look for the final one. After triangulating with one of the top-of-wall hides she had already found, she hops down, and makes a bee line to that final hide.

So, she was neither very fast in her searching, nor very efficient (what with some up and some down), but she worked out all of these problems very willingly!