Stefanie Alexander

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for your thoughtful feedback. I like your action plan of letting Prim explore such a highly distracting environment. We may have to wait until bears hibernate and the moose are out of rut, but it is a possibility soon.

    The Cottontail may complicate the issue, though. Since we moved here, Prim finds him and his family particularly enticing as she spends much of her indoor time spying him from the windows. Trust me, she definitely sees him and does the head cock trying to figure him and his movements out. In fact, my husband and I do “recon” before taking Prim out to potty due to the numerous arctic hares and her attraction to them. Being part greyhound, Prim has incredible sprinting speed and I don’t want her to catch him, hence my hesitation. (Peter and Crew are consistently in the thick scrub where we were working in the video. There is hardly a day when we haven’t noticed them.)

    Glad to know I wasn’t too heavy-handed. Prim can be incredibly focused when she is crittering, and I noticed on the video the tight leash and my exasperated look trying to literally move her along.

    I agree; I loved seeing her work Hide #5. This was the reason I chose to post this video 🙂