Kimberly Buchanan

Interesting to see Prim get drawn so strongly to the critter smells in the area. I LOVE the process she went thru finding the 5th/final hide! Fascinating to watch her slowly emerge from the critter focus to odor. 🙂

I have a thought – not sure if it would work or not? I’m guessing due to the highly distracting environment, Prim doesn’t get much of a chance to visit this area. Do you think it would make a difference if you allowed Prim to spend about 3-5 minutes investigating this area (or other distracting place like this), put her back in the house, set odor and let it cook for a little while, then run her? My thinking is that you gave her permission to investigate all the things she WANTS to check out and then when you come out to find odor she’s already gotten that out of her system. ? I guess you then have the option of just putting her up if she chooses not to work odor. You could *help* by pairing but with critters in the area that could add an invitation to the critters. 😉

What are you thoughts about that?

And BTW, your moving of Prim from her distraction did not appear to be too heavy-handed. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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