Susanne Howarth

    We actually did these searches last week, before leaving for our NW3/agility trial weekend road trip, but never quite made enough time in the evening after either driving or competing to analyze and post it! In any case, I’ve actually included 5 videos: two of the interior corner search and one each for the others.

    In all of them, I thought Biscuit did a good job of finding the hides quickly and without too much difficulty. In the first search, I perhaps got a bit further ahead of her than I should have, and then stopped more or less directly opposite the hide, which perhaps wasn’t ideal.

    In the second one, I enjoyed watching how she bracketed the corner, working back into the deep corner to find the hide. For the third hide (on the corner, along a wall), she walked along the wall, straight to the corner where the hide was – no problem there!

    The fourth search – near a corner, starting from the corner – really amused me, because I expected her to have more difficulty with it. When I first ran this search with Blackie (aka my dog in white), she struggled a bit, and I guessed that it might be because the hide was just to the left of the blue door, and the black grate in the door was actually a vent, which had to have been either sucking air or expelling it. In any case, although I tried to suggest to Biscuit that she be on my right side as we approached the search, she was quite definite that she wanted to be on the left, and basically walked directly to the hide. Good girl!

    The final search had the most wind impact. In all of the searches, I tried to follow your instruction that we have the wind blowing towards us. However, in the first four, the wind was light at best. For the final search, although the wind was still light, the ramp along which I placed the hide created a bit of a wind tunnel, which magnified the impact of what breeze there was. In addition, the ramp sloped upwards slightly, which seemed to affect Biscuit’s reactions. Even though the hide is on the ground, she starts out by looking up – but pretty quickly moves along and finds it on the ground.