Gina Baker

    NW525: Lesson 3 re-does

    We re- did two of Lesson 3a.
    -Inside corner –
    I placed the hide closer to the corner so Kalli would work the corner a little. She didn’t really work the corner but did work the edge to the corner.

    -Rond the corner to edge –
    There was a reason for you include in the lesson, preferably not grass! The inside corner search was fine but this one – it was either the corner itself or something in the grass. I ‘m thinking many dogs have passed that corner to put their mark! This is the second video of the search – the first one I had to pull and I mean pull her off that corner, so we went back to the start line and I tired to get her more excited about the search. It seemed to work good for this time – she did stop and sniff the corner but moved on.