Kimberly Buchanan

Did you note which way the wind was blowing for each of the searches? It seems clear that the odor was blowing directly TO Biscuit on the last search as she went directly to the hide. With a couple of the other searches could the wind have been blowing away from her? I think it WAS blowing towards her with the second search (body snap at :44) but even with that one maybe it was blowing more towards the garage door and she hadn’t quite caught it when she was distracted?

One thing I noticed with these videos is how much she looks OUT into the environment before getting to work. Yes, she was distracted by Patrick 🙂 for one search but if you watch her face, she’s either looking at the whole sea of boxes or something in the distance for most of them. The fact that you did NOT leave the threshold gave her the opportunity to easily swing back and find the odor.

Also note how fast her tail wags when she gets to source. You can see her anticipation of getting paid. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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