Stefanie Alexander

Lesson #2: Vehicles

On Friday, after raining for several hours, the weather turned much colder and it snowed. The roadways were hazardous with so much frozen ice underneath, as was our new driveway. (Sorry about our filthy vehicles. This is how it is in Alaska this time of year–all vehicles are pretty much Alaskan brown due to the fluctuating weather and sand/gravel that is put down to avoid slippage.)

Today is Saturday. Early this morning, we went to tracking class. Prim is truly a footprint to footprint tracker, and her teacher, an Alaska Search and Rescue member, wanted us to work on endurance. Prim tracked 485 yards in the snow and 20 degrees F and she did an amazing job. The reason I mention this is that I didn’t know if Prim would be up for nosework afterwards: I was wrong! 🙂

We have three thresholds to search in this video. I think the confident and synchronous starts made all of the difference. This was shot in the late afternoon; it is 30 degrees F.

Hide #1: Blue vehicle; the hide is on the driver’s front side grill area.
Hide #2: Black vehicle; the hide is in the middle of the front license plate.
Hide #3: handcart; the hide is on the handle area closest to the start line.

What do you see?