Stefanie Alexander

Hi Kim,

I agree with you: it is a Catch-22. I want to be sure she knows where the odor is, and at the same time, I want to avoid the “bat” gesture. I think she didn’t paw at the Easter egg because she was a bit surprised when it rolled, which isn’t a bad thing as it is a full time job to keep this girl on her toes 🙂

Other updates:

1. Low hides: This doesn’t seem to be an issue with an appropriate threshold start line. We reworked interior and exteriors and Prim was fine. Yay!

2. Luggage: we will try laying the large luggage down on its side–this is a great idea. She doesn’t seem afraid of smaller bags, purses, or backpacks thank goodness, so maybe they can be out there as well. I will update you.