Carolyn Murray

Lesson 3a

I ran our searches between noon and 1 pm today.
Western wind from 3 to 15 mph
50-55 degrees
Hides aged from 20 to 40 minutes

I tried very hard to start Cooper downwind as much as possible. My car was parked at the Hog Barn and we walked to various locations (you can only hear Scout in 1 video and that’s because she could see us).

Overall I think Cooper and I worked well together today. His behavior during the second search was interesting – he seemed to be weaving on to the wall and then off the wall looking for odor. And he wasn’t tracking!! Good boy!

The third hide was pretty challenging – starting from the inside corner. Airflow was completly different in this area.

Fourth hide was WAY more challenging to start than I expected. Once Cooper got started, I wasn’t convinced he was doing anything at all and then BAM he went up the wall. I’m thinking he was working odor off the rocks??

We really enjoyed ourselves today! Always fun to work in the wind. 😀