Kimberly Buchanan

It seems counter to what you’re ultimately wanting but by paying FAST every time your dog goes to source you begin to establish a pattern for your dog and an expectation that the reward is coming. If you do this consistently for 2-3 weeks of regular practices you will begin to recognize subtle signs from your dog that they TRUST you will be paying them.

Step 2 is to SLIGHTLY delay the payment, just enough for your dog to look at you with the question “WHY AREN’T YOU PAYING ME???”

BOOM! There is your communication.

In order to MAINTAIN this you can reinforce this by paying the dog AGAIN if they go back to source but it is important to not test your dog but trust your dog. This means only doing blind searches with support. You don’t want your dog to stop believing the reward is coming.

I’ve used this method several times and because people desperately want that communication it is hard to embrace. But it does work!

For Cooper, he’s actually showing good communication so my advice is to simply not delay the reward but believe him. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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