Kimberly Buchanan

It’s sort of a catch-22 to reward faster with containers. You want to be sure the dog knows odor is there and yet you want to pay before she paws. If you do practice containers on your own, you might experiment by diving in as soon as she puts her nose on the container to see if you can get the paw to diminish at all. Interestingly, she didn’t do that on the Easter egg. 🙂

What I liked is that Prim WAS engaged and ready to search from the start line!

You might experiment a little bit with the luggage. It’s really hard to “pair” on luggage because generally the hide is in a position where you can’t put food for the dog to get to or you don’t know where odor will escape from (seams). What you might do is lay luggage down on the side with a paired hide on top. You can even tuck it somewhere she can’t SEE it easily if you can get creative. It’s not about working trial hides it’s about getting her to not be afraid of luggage anymore. You could even start with smaller pieces like purses and backpacks if you think that will help.


Kimberly Buchanan
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