Kimberly Buchanan

I noticed that Cooper didn’t bark at the start line this time! What is the difference? Getting tired?

The first search was good. He seemed pretty focused and you paid quickly.

The second he was obviously a bit distracted but worked thru it. He went to the odor and told you at (1:15) but it looked like you didn’t believe him? So he went back to it at (1:16) and you paid him.

Third search he tells you at (1:39). You move in but don’t believe him so he tells you again at (1:41) and you pay him.

I would encourage you to not wait to pay him. Especially in this transition time from pairing to non-pairing and since you know where the hide is. Was he fringing? If he’s as close as he seems, I would still pay and just make sure your reward comes from source. You can reinforce source at this point by waiting for him to go back to source and then raise your criteria (no cue) but be really careful of shutting him down by not believing his communications.

I also noted that Cooper went to previously successful hide locations on the 2nd and 3rd searches and successfully worked thru the lingering odor! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training