Stefanie Alexander

This is a great question to consider. I train both ways. Truth be told, I had a right shoulder surgery a few years ago, and I was heck-bent on using that leash, even in the sling, even if it meant using my left arm and hand. Trust me, when you literally have your dominant side down, the other side learns quickly 🙂

The control freak and responsible canine owner in me wants the leash, especially in exterior settings with the critters we have here in Alaska. However, I do think it is also important to let Prim drive and have searches off leash, especially in tight areas where I would slow her down and be in her way. (I’m thinking interiors here.)

If folks are wanting to trial, they need to know what to expect from their canine teammate both on and off leash. It is a level of communication as well as trust for both parties. The leash can focus when the team is off leash and it isn’t working out, too.