Stefanie Alexander

Lesson #2: Containers

Objective: I really wanted a smooth start; in particular, I wanted to focus on my dog and physically be closer to the starting line. We filmed several containers and here are the 4 that are worthy of commentary.

Hide #1: Prim was focused and alerted within 3 seconds. Woo-hoo!
Hide #2: hide on opposite side; Prim took a walk around the search area before correctly alerting.
Hide #3: start line adjusted to opposite end of the room. Another decent threshold search.
Hide #4: we broke out the Easter eggs (with holes in them) just for variety and to have low rider” containers even closer to the ground. We tried a middle threshold hide as this was something that she struggled with on the interiors yesterday. I think she likes the “rolling” effect. 🙂

What do you see?

Quick side note: Kim, as you may recall from other classes we have taken with you online, Prim literally has “baggage.” Over 1.5 years ago at one of our local training facilities, we were working containers primarily with luggage. One piece was taken out of the search area and placed on a tall file cabinet. As fate would have it, as Prim and I were searching, this large lug of a bag tipped off of the file cabinet and nearly hit Prim while searching in the search area. She was terrified, but I didn’t make a big deal of it and made her continue on. She did work it out. Although we’ve tried to desensitize her, it continues to be a real issue. We first noticed it a few weeks later at a trial, where she shut down and wanted to exit the room during the container search. I didn’t put it together until later that day, but I honestly believe it was the large luggage–that is when she went into Greyhound Sprint mode. Fast forward to tonight, we did attempt to video Prim with luggage. We both were relaxed (my husband the videographer and head cheerleader for Team Prim as well as me). It was a super easy threshold and we attempted several times. However, she simply wanted to do an entire interior search, and physically avoided being anywhere near the bag. We will continue working on this.