Kimberly Buchanan

Good job, trying to keep Cooper focused, even if it meant starting over. All good. I think you are correct and a search like this is better to be on the down-wind side since he’s distracted and not catching odor quite yet when you release him. In *this* case, it does make sense to use your body pressure to get him onto the vehicle. Once he does start checking it, he finds odor easily and after the first search he knows he’s working the vehicle.

In the “fringing” situation, I think it’s a combination of him having success there previously, there IS lingering odor there AND there is source odor blowing/pooling along the underside of the trailer that he’s catching at that spot. I would be more worried about the fringing if you’d not had any hide there previously. This is a case of working the lingering odor IMO, so look at the occasions where it seems he’s fringing and it might just be a lingering odor issue.

The other thing I noticed is that in the background it sounds like Scout is also barking her frustration that it’s not her turn. Sometimes the sibling rivalry can help motivate some dogs but other times it can be a distraction. Have you ever taken just Cooper out to search? Just curious! 🙂

Sorry about getting booted mid-post. I’ve had it happen too, and it’s frustrating!

Kimberly Buchanan
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