Stefanie Alexander

    Lesson #2: Exteriors

    Overall, my overall assessment is that Prim struggles with low hides. She continues to work, but it does take her some time to locate the first two hides in particular.

    Hide #1: Top deck; the low hide is in the middle of the threshold of the door and the tin is very visible.
    Hide #2: Front porch; the low hide is tucked in the glass panel next to the door and is also very visible.
    Hide #3: Man door to outside: high hide is on power box area. She is beginning to get this threshold thing 🙂
    Hide #4: Back door to outside: medium hide is in retaining wall adjacent to door–I shouldn’t have said “yes,” but I was so glad that she was starting to get her groove back.
    Hide #5: Low hide on back door path: low hide is on post near ground.

    What do you see?