Terry Wright and Kai

    Lesson #2 – Exterior
    The 3 hides were out for about 3 hours. Set out when it was 30º and partly cloudy. Wind 6 mph from the NE. The backyard is on the north side of the house. It was 37º when we did the three searches. Wind now at 4 mph.

    Search 1 (in sun) – I see that I’m fussy over where Taku is, instead of just walking up to the start line and focusing on Taku before I release him. He alerts at .19 sec. and I’m in at .20 rewarding him.

    Search 2 (in shade) – Looks like I am dragging him to *my* start line. What should I have done? Should I have given him the arm swish and just let him go instead of trying to set-up at the start line (my line)?
    Since these hides had been out for 3 hours and this hide has been in the shade, I can see that the odor has dropped to the ground and has spread out. I my opinion I see Taku doing a great job of sourcing back to the hide 🙂 And I do a nice job of getting in to reward 🙂

    Search 3 (in shade) – We walk up to the start line without too much fussing.

    Watch for it… Watch for it… Watch for it — at 1:22!!! LOL………………………………………

    Taku walked into a SPIDER web… he did what any of us would have done!! YUCK!! LOL

    He shakes it off at 1.25 and gets back to searching. He nails it at 1:29, I reward at 1:30.

    Terry Wright