Kimberly Buchanan

First I will say that Prim looks really good! So my advice is more about staying with the theme of the exercise which is quick threshold hides so the dog gets into the habit of working from the line.

In my previous comments I mentioned about limiting the number of blind hides. This is testing. In this exercise I recommend to not test but pay fast. YES, once you hear the yes (or see Prim paw) you go in and pay quickly but payment is still delayed so you will be getting more and more pawing since her reward is always coming after the paw (except with elevated hides).

With threshold hides and when you work the threshold it is advisable for the handler to NOT come into the space until the dog has located odor or cleared the area. Note search #2 as Prim is checking the night stand. She does seem to be working diligently to locate source on the object BUT it is always possible that a hide could be on the opposite side and by stepping into the room you are blocking.

BTW your husband actually does a pretty swift job of rushing into the bathroom to give us a good view of Prim going to source on the last hide. 😉

Kimberly Buchanan
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