Susanne Howarth

Yes, I know it was more than 3-4 searches. Wasn’t sure which criterion concerned you the most: number of searches or total time. I’ll try to be a little less exuberant on our next element 🙂

As for that first elevated hide, she didn’t even wait till she crossed the threshold to alert. You can’t necessarily see it in the video, but she actually alerts before I even open the gate. What a good girl!

As I think about the drainpipe hide that took her a while, it’s once again a situation of the hide being placed in a little indentation — like our interior hide on the door frame, where she struggled. So corners and indentations like this are an area on which we can focus. Also, as she entered the search area, she checked along the right side of the walkway, went to the end (beyond the camera), and then came back up the left side of the walk and pretty much straight to the hide. So all in all, she did a good job of working the area!

On to containers…