Carolyn Murray

Container Thresholds

Search #1 – Here we see Cooper appear to be working odor at the start line. Despite his initial attempt to indicate to Handler that he is ready to search, Handler doesn’t let go of Cooper. Handler finally releases Cooper and Cooper walks right over to the hot box, does head dip on the box and continues to search the area immediately surrounding the hot box. Cooper comes around and has a more significant change of behavior on the box, but decides to check pencil box. Despite the fact that handler knows this is how her dog sometimes works prior to settling on the hot box, she is impatient and picks up hot box, opens it to give Cooper a big blast of odor in his poor nose, and then she smells it herself. Wow.

Search #2 – Cooper is (understandably) a bit more impatient on the start line, but appears to be sniffing between barks. Cooper initially heads towards the little green bag but circles back (could be air flow in the room) then makes his way back to the bag.

Search #3 – Cooper is ready to go at the start line, works a little lingering odor where the green bag was in the previous search and finds the hot box. Yay Cooper!

I think, overall, Cooper was more active at the start line in these searches. And I just look tired! Lol!