Carolyn Murray

Yes, I was in rare form Saturday and I filmed all 4 elements. In reviewing the video, I simple amaze myself. Really.

I agree with you about experimenting on the start line. However, since I filmed all 4 elements, there is an interesting progression to watch as we continue working on different setups. Without giving too much away, I think he finally figured out what the point was…

With the pairing I was just thinking that it may create more motivation at the start line, but as you say maybe that’s not the way to go at this point. I think Cooper has excellent communication at source. The only issue we have is that he is prone to fringing (thanks to training an indication at source prior to teaching him how to hunt. Yay me!). I feel the need to remain very neutral and to let him work at source a bit because if he’s fringing he’ll move on or source it. However, given that I knew where the hide was in this situation, there was no reason to delay reward. I was simply out in my own little orbit.

Anyway, I’m up for the container video if you are??