Terry Wright and Kai

For Back to Basics my mantra is: Keep searches simple.
Interior – Threshold – 3 separate areas, aged about an hour.

I had Jim start the video just before we got to the start line.

1.) Jim’s room, on the right, behind the stand on the floor between stand and wall. Anise

Taku enters the room before I release him. At .14 sec he does a beautiful body snap – yippie!

2.) Bathroom, behind the cabinet door on the right, at the bottom towards where the door opens. Birch

at 1:13 alerts at top – 1:18 alerts again at top. I should have rewarded sooner before the scratch, after the scratch I thought, DUH, I could have taken his alert anywhere along that cabinet door as it was cracked open by the hide. Sheesh.
At the start it looks like the odor was going out of the room. Taku sourced it out and back in.

3.) Terry’s room, on the left under the second shelf up (bookself), at the left of shelf and side. Anise

By watching Taku, looks like the odor is dispersing out towards the bed and the dresser.
He does a good job sourcing it back to the bookshelf.
At 2:09 he does a quick look at me but continues sourcing, not really making a commitment.
At 2:24 he looks at me longer so I reward at the hide.

Terry Wright