Gina Baker

    NW525:Lesson 2 – Exterior
    It was a beautiful day in Western New York yesterday so decided to start with exteriors.
    -Five searches in two different locations
    -temperature was 72 degrees
    -light wind
    -1 hide per search – alternating between birch and anise.
    -started at 4:00PM and last search around 4:45PM
    -a lot of traffic noise in the first three – it is not that noticeable when we are there

    1st search – birch – on the bottom part of the pipe – should have started a little closer – dropped treat

    2nd search – anise – on the grill pipe almost to the bottom of the grill

    3rd search – birch – on the underside of a metal brace on the pavilion poll. Held her back, she was ready and I was not – dropped treat again

    4th search – anise – on the side of the bench of the picnic table to the right
    I really liked how she was trotting and looking at me till I grabbed her harness – change of behavioral. Was that her –“Ok, it is time to get to work or does she feel the tension from me when I grab the harness? I do grab the harness and walk up to the start line that way – my way of making sure I have a good hold on her in case something would spook her.
    Shake off – I probably went I to reward a little too soon – she was there but did not fully commit like she usually does.

    5th search – birch – on the underside of bench seat. dropped treats again

    I think these were pretty straightforward searches for Kalli, but I was trying to be more aware of how I was at the start line and was definitely more distracted and could see how I hover over her too much. I never have had great posture, but should try to remember to stand up after I talk to her. And dropped a lot of treats! Butter fingers!
    When you are practice (training) I don’t think that much about the start line but you can see that it can really make a difference.