Carolyn Murray

What’s the old saying? Train like you compete and compete like you train? I’m sure I’m screwing it up, but you get the point.

Reflecting on last weekend, during our blind search I started making decisions that never normally cross my mind…because it was a blind search and it was “like a trial” (but it was a workshop and totally not a trial).

So, I didn’t call alert while my dog was working her tail off detailing a hide because I suddenly was concerned about fringing. Of all the problems we’ve experienced in nosework, fringing was NEVER one of them. I should have trusted my dog and made the call.

In retrospect I also should have paired her blind hides. Why? Because with all the foundation work we’ve done over the past 9 months or so, I haven’t gotten around to addressing our communication issues (one thing at a time). So I ended up putting my dog in a situation where she wasn’t immeduately paid for finding odor and, after doing a great job detailing she was allowed to practive moving off the hide without communication. Again. She did eventually communicate, but since we were training was that an ideal thing to do? Not in my book.

Now I’m starting to think that trialing is just an occassional blip in the big picture of training as opposed to trialing being this all consuming thing? Maybe I should let my relaxed training brain rule the frontal lobe for a change. Easier said than done. But why should a trial be any different?? I dunno. Just one of the many issues I’ve been pondering after last weekend’s workshop…all good things, though!!