Carolyn Murray

Okay, so today I filmed all 4 elements. I tried to include at much footage as possible leading up to and standing on the start line.

Soooooooooooo…..I think we have a problem. I have never paid much attention to Cooper at the start line. As eluded to earlier in this thread, I’ve had the attitude that he’s along for the ride. What I tried to do today was to stop and give him time to start working at the start line. What I think I did was to frustrate the hell out of him. 🙁

Temps around 60 degrees
Slight breeze
Barn door remained open for the duration of the filming.
Start line was choosen to benefit the dog (downwind)

My Goals:
Easy hides within 6 feet of the start line.
Handler stays back and does not push the dog out of the threshold area.
Dog is given the chance to begin working at the start line.

This is the interior search. My apologies as it goes a bit over 3 minutes.

Search #1 – In a little pail with cutouts (odor is not contained just to the pail) directly in front of us. Cooper barks a lot while on the start line. Cooper trots into the search area and finds odor right away.

Search #2 – I move the pail to the right (on screen). Cooper barks more at the start line. When released, Cooper heads straight to the pail. Pretty sure he was simply looking for it.

Search #3 – Hide placed on chair (to the right on screen). Cooper is calmer at the start line but I don’t believe he’s working odor. Cooper is released and begins searching the area. Handler remains rather rigid in place. Cooper finds odor and immediately communicates with Handler. Handler spaces out and stares at Cooper. Cooper again hits source and looks at Handler. This time Handler rewards. 😉

Search #4 – Hide is placed on a chair to the left on your screen. Cooper does some barking at the start line. When released he hits lingering odor from previous hide. Handler does a better job of mirroring the dog’s direction as the dog searches the immediate area. Cooper works relatively hard to find the hide.

In hindsight, I’m wondering if I should have paired these hides? I will say he gets better in other elements as we continue this exercise, but during this interior exercise I never got the feeling he was working odor at all until he got into the search area.

Also, wondering if setting up an artificial search area like this is beneficial? As opposed to working actual doorways, etc???